Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), or “Phone Verification,” is a technology-based timekeeping process that is used by caregivers to track hours worked and completed tasks. EVV is mandated by the Connecticut Department of Social Services, and is required for all agencies and all caregivers who provide service to Medicaid-funded clients.

Companions & Homemakers’ caregivers servicing these Medicaid-funded clients are required to call in at the start of their visit and call out at the end of their visit, entering the tasks performed during that visit. Caregivers servicing Medicaid-funded live-in clients and those utilizing an FVV Device to capture their time, need to also be compliant and follow the applicable instructions as detailed in the training materials below. If, at any time, a caregiver feels they may have made an error when using the EVV system, the caregiver needs to call from the client’s home after punching out but before leaving and communicate the error to a member of the payroll team, or leave that information in the EVV voicemail box. Otherwise, that client visit will not get confirmed in the EVV system timely, and that caregiver will run the risk of not being paid.

The Companions & Homemakers EVV hotline can be reached 24/7 by calling 1-888-844-4442, enter (#), and then enter extension 4000.

Every Companions & Homemakers Medicaid-funded client should have received an EVV or FVV Magnet to affix to their refrigerator. This magnet was provided to allow for easy access of the proper instruction on how to use EVV by any C&H caregiver servicing the client. Please ask for clarity when taking on an assignment as to whether or not the client requires use of the EVV system.

Only data from the EVV system will be used to calculate time worked, so please do not submit a timesheet when servicing these Medicaid-funded clients.

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