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What to Consider When Choosing a Home Care Agency

Once you’ve decided that a Home Care agency is the right fit for you and your loved one, you’ll need to determine the agency of choice. You want to be sure your family member is receiving the best care possible. Here are some things to keep in mind while you’re reviewing your options:

Agency Credentials

  • How long has the agency been in business?
  • Is the agency licensed by the State?
  • Does the agency meet federal requirements for health and safety?
  • Does the agency offer a replacement policy or guarantee?
  • Are employees licensed and insured? Don’t be afraid to ask the agency about their screening process or to provide references.
  • What’s the agency’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating?

Know Your Needs

  • What kind of services do you need and does the agency offer them?
  • Do you have the need for a licensed medical caregiver?
  • Do you require around-the-clock care or just daily check-ins?

Agency Reputation

  • Are the employees knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate?
  • How does the agency select and hire caregivers? Do they do background checks?
  • What types of training do caregivers receive, both when they are hired and ongoing?
  • Are there well-documented procedures in place for emergencies and natural disasters?
  • Is there a process for communicating and resolving problems? Is the caregiver contacted directly when you have questions or concerns, or do you go through the agency?

Coverage and Payment

  • Will agency fees be covered by your health insurance plan?
  • Does the agency provide programs for financial aid and assistance?
  • What is the billing structure? Do you pay the caregiver directly or go through the agency?

It’s normal to feel nervous or overwhelmed as you start on this new journey. If you take your time and do the proper research, you can ensure that your loved ones are left in good hands. For more information on the Benefits of Hiring a Home Care Agency, go here.



Why Consider Home Care?

Home care allows you or your loved one to continue to enjoy independence and the comfort of home, with just the right amount of support from a dedicated caregiver.

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