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Preserving Dignity Through Independence at Home

Companions & Homemakers helped me when I needed them most after my shoulder surgery. I was appreciative of their care, but more importantly, I felt I could trust them with anything. They were polite, professional, and really good people.

– I. B., Wallingford CT

Companions & Homemakers helped me when I needed them most after my shoulder surgery. I was appreciative of their care, but more importantly, I felt I could trust them with anything. They were polite, professional, and really good people.

– I. B., Wallingford CT

Live-In Home Care Companions

Why Live-In Homecare For Your Loved Ones?

It’s about continuity of care – we’re there around the clock.

Live-In Home Care Agency

Live-in home care, our most comprehensive service and part of our Continuum of Care, provides around the clock help for those who need continued care.  Live-in care provides the consistency of a single caregiver and familiar face in the home for ongoing supportive care and significant assistance needs.

The live-in companion provides intermittent care over each 24-hour period with appropriate meal and rest periods, and is always present in the home for emergent situations.

Typically more cost effective than institutional care, live-in care helps the client remain at home and continue familiar routines with a caregiver who can assist with all aspects of daily life:

  • Social interaction and company
  • Assistance with daily household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry
  • Assistance with mobility, and transfers, 
  • Transportation and accompaniment to appointments and other outings in the community

How Live-In Care Works

Live-in care is exactly what it sounds like – we match the client with a qualified live-in caregiver who resides in the home around the clock.  The live-in companion can assist with many daily tasks and activities, such as helping maintain the household.  Live-in care is personalized to each client and can evolve as needs change.  The live-in companion becomes part of the daily routine and helps the client maintain their independence and dignity.

Over the years, countless families have shared praise for their live-in caregivers, often expressing how having a good set of “eyes and ears” in the home made all the difference for the client’s overall well-being.  Not surprisingly, they frequently share that their caregiver has become far more over time… they have become a friend.

With the understanding that the person lives in the client’s home, we put extra effort into matching clients with live-in companions.  We specialize in fostering lasting and beneficial relationships.  We have live-in caregivers in place today who have been with their clients for years.

The living arrangements are fairly simple and flexible based on the client’s needs and home environment.  At a minimum, the live-in caregiver needs a comfortable place to sleep and store their belongings, the basic staples for all meals, time for meal breaks and downtime, and eight hours of sleep.  An easy way to picture it is to think of the live-in caregiver as a helpful roommate.

Live-in caregivers, as do all employees, take breaks, and when that happens, we will provide a suitable short-term replacement caregiver.  We plan these replacements to allow for some overlap so that the regular caregiver can acclimate the temporary caregiver to what needs to be done to provide a seamless care experience for the client.

Benefits of Using a Live-In Caregiver

Live-in care has been part of our service offerings since our inception over 30 years ago, and we serve clients across Connecticut, all of which gives us an unrivaled breadth of experience. We have proven that live-in care is more cost-effective, generally safer, and offers a better quality of life than other choices. These are some of the more important benefits of live-in care:

  • Reduces loneliness and the feeling of isolation
  • More cost-effective than institutional care
  • Can adapt to most environments – wherever you call home
  • Constant “eyes and ears” presence in the home
  • Care is personalized to the individual and can evolve over time
  • Care is focused on maintaining independence, lifestyles, interests, and hobbies
  • Recent events have shown that live-in care provides reduced risk of exposure by minimizing people coming and going
  • Many long-term care policies cover live-in care, making care possible with little or no out-of-pocket cost – we work with most major carriers, and our billing staff can help you navigate these arrangements

About Our Live-In Companions

Being a live-in companion is a special calling, and we’re honored to have some of the best in the business on our team. These incredibly special women and men work collaboratively with the family to provide needed services while dedicating themselves and their attention to their clients and the care they provide. Once a live-in caregiver is matched with a client, they typically remain in place with that client for the long term.

Many of our live-in caregivers have been with us for years.  We have several that have been with us for over 20 years!   We also offer access to state-of-the-art online training, sign-on and referral bonuses, recognition programs, and more, which helps us attract and retain professional live-in caregivers.

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Compassionate Live-in Companions

Home care designed to build & foster one-on-one relationships. Learn more about our live-in home care services.

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